Madame Revolutionary and The Poet

Progressive-reactionary art

Welcome to the wonderful world of history revisionism and poetic justice! Madame Revolutionary and The Poet is an art gallery like no other. We created it for our own amusement and share it with you to indulge in the heathen pleasures of storytelling.

As you may well understand by now, “we” in this case would imply progressive-reactionary indie rock duo Lilou & John, the paragons of extrovert-introvert music, the muse and master of epic, legend and myth.

Madame Revolutionary and The Poet is therefore an art gallery containing pictures and short texts that look at the world from an angle of no less than 100% history revisionism.

We could of course add that our goal is to enlighten mankind beyond that stage which normally is associated with lesser monkeys, but as we are not very much interested in such altruism we will not. We. Just. Love. Art. And you are welcome to enter.