Lilou & John: Helter Skelter Art is a number of ongoing art projects. The aim of the projects is to push the boundaries for creative freedom and to display new and innovative art. We will update each project continually as the exhibition continues and finished art projects will be found at the bottom of the grid.

Lilou & John: Helter Skelter Art is entirely created by us. All photos have been taken and edited by Lilou Dübeck. All poems have been written by John Dübeck.

The underlying idea of the site is to show that art and poetry has a value beyond anything contemporary popular culture can bring. “Do what thou wilt”, Aleister Crowley wrote, and to know “what thou wilt” we need art and poetry to inspire us to dig deeper into ourselves and explore our possibilities.

  • Mykorrhiza
    Images of Eden and everything after

    Ongoing art project inspired by Jared Diamonds “Germs, grain and steel” and Werner Herzog’s “Aguirre”.

  • The Opium Lounge
    An odyssey through the West

    Ongoing art project inspired by Hergé’s “Le Lotus bleu”, and the movies “Watchmen”, “Taxi Driver” and “Trainspotting” as well as Sayyid Qutb’s writings about modern society.

  • Ozymandias
    Memories from imperial amnesia

    Ongoing art project inspired by Joseph Conrad’s “The Heard of Darkness”, “Joyeux Noêl” by Christian Carion, “Zulu Dawn” by Douglas Hickox and Last Night of the Proms.

  • Ronin Mountain
    The story of the rebel and his master

    Ongoing art project inspired by the creation myth from Genesis and the apocalypse from Revelations.

  • Paradise-In-A-Box
    Photos of man-made happiness

    Ongoing art project inspired by Antonovsky’s “Sense of coherence” and Godfrey Reggio’s “Koyaanisqatsi”.

  • The Last Guardians
    Pictures from abandoned earth

    Ongoing art project inspired by apocalyptic video game series Fallout by Bethesda, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and the industrial giants of the 19th and 20th century.